The traditional method of watching cinema is now long gone! 6 seat 9D VR offers a unique and personalised experience to a group of people at the same time, be it watching a horror movie or a thrilling roller coaster ride

Item Value
Voltage AC220V
Equipment power 5kw
Motor type Huada 2.3kw,1500rpm motor
Equipment actual power current 8A
Driving mode Swing arm
Tilt angle for back and forth 11
Tilt angle for right and left 11
Weight About 850kg
Number of Seats 6
Appearance size (L * W * H) 3080*2430*2100mm
Equipment dimension before package 3080*1850*1810mm
Immersion helmet 5.5 inch HD 2K Screen | 1440X2560 | 534PPI

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